121/365 – Wet and wild walk

With three weeks today until we set out on the Camino de Santiago, Elaine and I decided that this weekend we needed to get out walking. The Scottish weather had other ideas. 

We were up visiting my friends and family in Edinburgh so I had looked at routes in the Pentland Hills to mimic the undulation of the Pyrenees and the Fife Coastal Path to get the much needed miles up. When we woke up yesterday to the rain chucking down, both of those options lost their appeal and we decided to stay much closer to home. With inappropriate clothes on, jeans and rain are a terrible combination, we only lasted 10km before our soaking wet clothes got the better of us. The only thing that could make it better was a wee dram to warm up.  

As I’m off to Rome next weekend, time is of the essence to get walking fit. This week I plan to spend as much time walking, and as little time on public transport, as possible preferably with my hiking shoes on to make sure they are properly broken in. I’m just hoping the weather decides to work with me in my drive to clock up the miles! 

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