144/365 – Let the Camino begin

After four days of rest, our group of 10 is ready to set off on the first stage of the Camino De Santiago – from St Jean Pied du Port to Pamplona. 

After a lovely dinner in St Jean last night, we met early this morning to have breakfast by the river in one of the cute cafés. I do wonder how far one croissant will take us, but the coffee was sorely needed. 

Physically I’m feeling really strong and full of energy after the few days rest. Psychologically I’m feeling a bit on edge – I had a sleep full of nightmares last night which I’m putting down to first day nerves. Once we are one day down I’m sure it will be better as I get into my stride and remember that I’m strong enough to cope with the challenge ahead. 

I’ve promised that I’ll be honest about how I’m feeling and it will be interesting to see how my body fares this year compared to the final section we did last year. 

Over the next few days my signal might not be great but I’ll try to post as and when I can.  For now, I leave you with the view from our balcony in St Jean this morning. 


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