256/365 – Laying low

After nearly a full week of feeling under the weather, I’ve turned a corner. I’m feeling that good today in fact that packing gym gear for a quick lunch time session even crossed my mind. The sensible head  won after it warned that it’s too soon so I’m giving myself a few more days of recovery. 

What has led to me feeling better: long sleeps, not doing anything strenuous and eating lots of iron and vegetables. In short, I’ve been laying low and I’m going to attempt to continue this over the weekend. I say attempt as I have a good friend’s wedding on Saturday and quite a few catch ups scheduled. 

Still, its been refreshing to wake up with a bit of energy, has made me determined to get super fit and eat a healthier diet full of nutrients over the next while and to push for my immunosuppressant dose to be reduced at my next consultant’s appointment.

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