162/365 – Mental health day

Elaine has introduced lots of things into my life including the idea of taking a mental health day. Be it during the week or at the weekend, when it gets unbearably noisy in my head, I know I need to cancel everything I have planned and allow myself time to re-balance. 

After a really difficult week following my medication drop, and the unhealthy feelings that come with binge-watching an entire TV season (Orange is the New Black series three, anyone?), I needed a mental health day badly. So today I’ve taken one.

Instead of staying over with Elaine and her cousin in Canterbury, I came home last night. Instead of attending my early morning Childline shift, I slept in and let my body rest. Instead of rushing about on public transport today, I’m going to cycle anywhere I need to go. Instead of filling my day up with activity, I have spent the morning reflecting and trying to sort my head out. Instead of surrounding myself with noise, I have enjoyed the peace and quiet of my flat. These small choices have already helped me feel more together and ready for the week ahead.

The busy world we live in has made finding time on your own to re-balance difficult. Taking that time can help me cope with stress, low moods and, for me, with the day-to-day pressures of living with myasthenia. It helps me remember who I am and what I want to be. 

Some suggested ways to re-connect with yourself: Writing in a journal, silent contemplation, doing something you enjoy mindfully and going for a walk, run or a cycle somewhere quiet. 

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