220/365 – Good week for maintaining fitness benchmarks

As part of my drive to keep fit and strong, I like to set myself tough benchmarks to try to beat or at least maintain. I have several of these benchmarks and this week I’ve manage to hit two of them. 


My best 5km time at present, on the busy London streets, is 22 minutes 15 seconds. I’ve tried to match it for a while, but have been struggling of late due to lower energy levels. On Tuesday, when running late for Childline, I was able to match this time to the second. It made me think that the key is to be in a rush for something (when am I not rushing). Frustratingly, I think I would have beaten this time had I not got stuck in the people jam around the Bank of England HQ at Bank.

Regardless, after weeks of testing myself against this time, I was delighted to match it. 


Today, I had an intense gym session at lunch which ended with my usual rowing rest – how quickly can I row 1,000m. While I’ve done it in under 5 minutes before, my bench mark is 5 minutes. After not having done it for a while, I was expecting to be well over the target today. However, I was under by a couple of seconds…and as you’ll see from the photo above I was delighted about this. 

While these are my bench marks, ideally I’d love to be able to run 5km in 20 minutes (and 10km in 45 mins) and rowing 1,000m in 4 minutes and 45 seconds. While achieving these tough goals feel like a real challenge at the moment, they keep me pushing forward and working hard.

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