227/365 – Spontaneity and myasthenia

On leaving work this week I made a spontaneous decision: to stay with Elaine in Milton Keynes over night. Her current role means that she often has to spend two or three nights away from home. When I was working part time, I would regularly go through to keep her company. However, since taking on my full-time role I haven’t done it. Knowing how much she appreciates the effort, I took a spur of the moment decision and headed on through to MK. 

The problem with being spontaneous when you have MG is that you can’t fully give in to the moment. At the back of your mind must always be your medication – do I have it with me, do I have enough left, have I taken too much/too little? While I was fine overnight, I had left a couple of my meds at home and so had a rather extended trip into work. 

Short of carrying them all with me constantly, I can’t see a way around ‘planned spontaneity’. As issues go, this is a minor one but once again reminded me how dependent I am on my medication and I’ve never been a fan of depending on anything. 

5 thoughts on “227/365 – Spontaneity and myasthenia”

  1. Man I totally feel the same way! I miss my spur of the go anywhere and time without thinking about no backs moments! The meds bring ya back to reality everytime no matter how great you feel at that moment!

    1. So true – I’m
      sure, like me, you try to make sure you leave room for spontaneity as much as possible. Maybe just need to carry meds wherever I go so at least ‘organised spontaneity’, if there is such a thing, is possible

      1. I carry a week’s worth in one of those pill box organizers. That way I can at least shove that in bag and go! It has actually been REALLY handy.

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