213/365 – Feeling strong after five days 

I stepped down my steroids five days ago and it feels so much better than last time when I tried to step down to 2mgs.

There are a few reasons why this makes me feel really positive that the time is right. These are: 

  • it’s my first five day week at work for a while and I’ve been in the office every day 
  • Elaine got promoted this week so we’ve done our fair share of celebrating
  • i’ve done near enough my normal amount of exercise this week 

Despite all of these reasons why I should be suffering again, I’ve not felt too different. For the first day or two I felt weaker, but last night I had an intense gym session and caught myself smiling at several points as it felt easy for the first time in a while. No matter how hard I pushed myself, I was able to cope. The only thing I struggled with was the strength to hang on the pull up bar for more than 10 seconds. 

Last time, the emotional drain and unpredictability was the hardest part to deal with. Excluding a difficult shift at Childline on Tuesday, I’ve felt much stronger this time. Now and again, I’ve felt a little agitated but those who know me would probably say this isn’t anything new.

I’m hoping, given the circumstances, the fact that I’m not an emotional wreck and I feel strong I should be able to step down to 1mg in the next week or two. Then it will be the final push. 

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